After 3 years??

I am so bad at making blogs (and being consistent in general). I've posted after so long. I actually have a drawing account on Instagram where I posted all my not-so-appealing drawings/doodles. It's in multiple fandoms, so sometimes I'd post stuff on Kingdom Hearts, sometimes Batman, Attack on titan and many more!

This is actually my latest post, MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG'S : VALE AND VALIR The element brothers. If you stumble upon this livejournal account, and you are currently reading this, please give me some love. I'd appreciate it very much!

Thank you and see y'all next time!

-Asakura Sagarui



This year is actually my first Inktober. I tried my best yet still missed a couple days (well, most my inktober drawings are just random, unorganized doodle lol). But yea, is it fun? Yes it is. Is challenging? Certainly! E
#inktober day 13. I forgot to post day 12 cause I lost it somewhere 😐

Omg forgot to post! #inktober day 7Have you seen the deadly twister 2? @idubbbz #idubbbztv

#inktober day 6.... lol almost 7. #arashi #嵐 #areyouhappy #幸せですか
specially when you have other work to do, deadlines and classes ;) but hey, I'm enjoying it as far as I know
Next year should be a better inktober :)

Ps: here are some of them, you can find it on my instagram @sagarui

Abour me and Arashi

Let's start with a big introduction of myself. You, whoever is stranded and forced to read this, can call me Asa. My nationality, if I can choose, I'd like to be attack on titanese, but no, I'm from southeast asia, and no english is not my first language (you should be able to figure out why my grammar sucks so badly lol). Blue is my favorite color and oh my god, mom's calling my name, telling me to go to sleep. Then I'll continue this later. I WILL MOST DEFINITELY TALK A LOT ABOUT ARASHI!please visit me on my ig @sagarui sometimes. Also teach me about live journal senpais!!!!